Our cozy deco ideas for a warm home

Softness and comfort in a cozy paradise

Coming from the Nordic countries and the Hygge trend, the cozy or cocooning style gives pride of place to softness and comfort. The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room: it is chosen cozy, rather large to accommodate all the family and friends so it encourages relaxation.

We further accentuate its warm side by adding cushions and throws, without fear of accumulating pieces. On the floor, we do not hesitate to put a very thick carpet and, why not, some velvet poufs or fake furs.

Rather than a single coffee table, we recommend that you have several small ones, always in this spirit of accumulation. You can use nesting tables or sofa ends that will move easily with use.

Nature and warmth, the two assets of a cozy deco

For household linen, we favor natural materials such as knitted wool and linen or soft textures such as velvet. The furniture is preferably in solid or raw wood, but you can also choose wicker, for example, for a hanging chair which will bring a touch of originality to your interior.

Caning is the flagship trend of the moment. It can be found on the doors of a sideboard, a bookcase or a headboard, but also on lights or armchairs. Mixing the effects of materials creates a warm deco based on accumulation of objects and furniture. As for the lines, we prefer soft and curved curves.

Cozy colors like a cocoon

The basic palette of a cozy interior is made up of neutral colors inspired by nature: white, taupe, beige, gray … They can be declined in shades on the coverings of furniture, and linens, not to mention the walls and floors. Rugs also help add color while warming the atmosphere.

To enhance these light shades, we pick in strong tones: terracotta, petroleum blue, slate gray, pine green, avoiding if possible colors that are too bright.

All the colors of the Scandinavian universe are welcome in a cozy atmosphere, with their pastel and luminous tones: pale pink, straw yellow, sky blue, pearl gray …

Light side, always softness

For a successful cozy atmosphere, we prefer a subdued light that accentuates the intimate and soothing side. The living room can be punctuated by indirect light points and one or two floor lamps for more occasional lighting. Above the dining table, you can hang a beautiful hanging lamp made of cane or wicker to provide sufficient light intensity during dinner. You can also distribute a few candlesticks with scented candles or LEDs to reinforce the cocooning spirit. In the bedrooms, accent lights are preferred. A led garland will distill a soft and warm light conducive to falling asleep.

Good to know: By candlelight, in complete safety

To avoid the risk of fire without depriving yourself of the flickering light of the candles, you can use tall candle holders or closed lanterns. They bring an additional decorative touch. If you have children or animals, you can also place them in height.

Natural light is also important in a cozy interior. Adding curtains to the windows accentuates the warm decor of your home. You can choose double curtains in a very thick fabric like velvet or lighter in linen. The cozy decorating idea is to superimpose several layers of sheer curtains to create a very warm material effect.

Plants, Serenity’s source

A cozy interior wouldn’t be welcoming without plants. They bring a touch of greenery and recall natural materials. The green plants can take place in pretty containers and wicker or wickerwork planters. Ficus, monstera, cacti or succulents, there are all sizes and requiring more or less maintenance.

Dried flowers are particularly suitable in a cozy decor, with their brown and blond shades: pampas grass, grasses, ears of wheat or oats … The advantage is that they require little maintenance. and fit a delicate glass vase as well as a large pot.

With only a few well-chosen furniture and objects, the cozy decor transforms your home into a pleasant place where it is good to take refuge. With its natural materials, soft colors and comfortable furniture, you will have only one desire: to stay at home!

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