Ideas for decorating the wall behind the sofa

The sofa wall like a museum

If you like contemporary or classic art, the wall behind the sofa is the perfect place to showcase a beautiful painting. The ideal is to have a work large enough to cover the entire wall. It can be hard to find, especially if you have a convertible corner sofa. You can then choose a diptych or a triptych, a photo or painting cut into two or three parts.

If you like to change frames from time to time, the solution for your wall decoration behind the sofa is to install one or more long and narrow shelves. You can exhibit your photos, paintings or decorative objects there. By carefully choosing the frames and trinkets that will adorn this space, you can give even more character to your decor.

Have you chosen to create a countryside atmosphere? Bet on raw wood supports that will accommodate bleached wood or cast iron frames, and add wooden vases decorated with dried flowers. If you prefer a contemporary decor, frames with sober lines combined with marble accessories or graphic statuettes will compose a harmonious whole.

Graphic, the wall of frames

The space above the sofa is particularly suitable for the picture wall. If you choose XXL photos, we advise you to limit the number so as not to overload the wall. As before, a diptych or a triptych with prints in the same format will allow you to display your shots with elegance.

You can also arrange a multitude of frames of different formats to create a graphic set. In this case, it is preferable to adopt a harmony, either of the frame, or of the dominant color, or of the theme. You can, for example, offer a plant herbarium with different frames in shades of green, beige and black or a set of black and white photos with a black frame. To make your photo board a success, you can also treat yourself to a multi-view frame. These large models can accommodate more than 10 photos, while guaranteeing a balanced distribution and an aesthetic whole. If you choose this solution for the decoration of the wall behind your sofa, install it in the center.

Create a green wall behind the sofa

If you like plants, why not make this space a plant wall that is both soothing and original? For this, keep the concept of three shelves behind the sofa, on which you will place your favorite plants. Do not hesitate to mix the color of the foliage, the shapes of the leaves, but also the climbing and drooping species to create a varied and fascinating indoor jungle. You can also bet on a combination of smaller wall shelves to display your most beautiful specimens or hang elegant hanging pots.

Mirrors above the sofa

Classic, but still effective: hang mirrors on the wall of the sofa. By reflecting the light, they enlarge the room and are therefore particularly suitable for small spaces. As for the frames, they can be solo or several, round, rectangular… You can harmonize their style or, on the contrary, mismatch them by varying the shapes, colors, sizes. For a contemporary decor, the mirror with gilded steel outline is a must. If you have set up a living room with a seaside atmosphere, a model in teak, rattan or with shutters will be perfect. Want to play the originality card? Let yourself be seduced by a mirror with a frame in the shape of the sun, a model taking up the lines of oriental architecture, set with feathers or a woven seagrass frame!

A bohemian wall for a cosy sofa

The living room is particularly conducive to a bohemian chic atmosphere, with its natural and comfortable materials. To dress up the wall above the sofa, you can, for example, hang wickerwork baskets or your collection of straw hats. Choose them preferably in different shapes, varying the sizes to create a harmonious whole. Macrame suspensions or textile tapestries are also welcome for decorating the wall behind the sofa in a bohemian living room. You can also add a light garland for soft ambient lighting.

Whether you choose to install a piece of furniture behind your sofa, arrange frames to dress the wall or bet everything on a wallpaper with character, one thing is certain: you must not leave this space bare! To add storage to your living room or give it more personality, all the options are available to you at Deco Overseas.

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