How to set up an office area in your living room?

Setting up a practical office in the living room can be done

The first goal of an office area in the living room is to be practical and suitable for work. First of all, we choose the ideal place to be able to work in peace. If you have a separate space in the room, like a platform, alcove, or a little bit apart, that’s great. Otherwise, we can be tricky by adding a storage unit as a separation such as a bookcase or a screen. It is also possible to isolate the office area from the rest of the living room with a glass roof, which will allow you to benefit from daylight while bringing a very trendy touch to your living room. To blend your office area into the decor, one trick is to paint it the same color as the wall or to play with colors to structure the space.

The office area in the living room is preferably discreet. One solution may be to use a cabinet with flaps or a secretary. Their advantage: being able to hide the workspace in a single gesture, once you have finished using it. These pieces of furniture are generally shallow, they can be placed in small spaces. Corner desks are also a good plan for setting up an office area in the living room or dining room. If your sofa is placed in the middle of your living room, you can also set up your desk at the back, for example using a long enough console to suit your decor. The advantage of this arrangement is to facilitate circulation in the room, the sofa and the desk forming a single unit.

In the same idea, you can arrange your office area in a closet. Thus, the workspace is completely invisible when it is closed. You can use an existing cupboard or customize a piece of furniture such as a sideboard, china cabinet or cabinet.

A nice & design deco in your office area to do a great job!

For the living room office to be truly design, we try to keep furniture in the same style and the same tones as the rest of the living room. Scandinavian, industrial, classic, design… there are desks for all interiors. Whatever the style, the ideal is to bet on clean and sober lines so that the office area is forgotten. For even more discretion, you can provide a closed area to store office supplies when you are not working.

Arranging an office area in the living room or dining room requires a comfortable seat. Even if they are the most suitable, we avoid real office chairs with casters which risk damaging the floor and are not very harmonious in a living room. Instead, we prefer an armchair combining comfort and design which will naturally find its place in the living room. Ideally, you choose a seat that is suitable for height (your elbows should form an angle of 90 ° with the table top when your feet are on the ground). If necessary, add a cushion to support your back, especially if you have to stay in a sitting position for a long time. In all cases, we avoid stools and chairs that are too hard.

On the storage side too, you can combine aesthetics and utility thanks to a bookcase, wall shelves, storage boxes or columns. For an office area in a bohemian, exotic or seaside living room, you can use wicker baskets. In a more design and contemporary interior, the boxes can be made of cardboard or metal.

Finally, we fine-tune its deco, in order to integrate the office into its environment. You can avoid the traditional desk lamp and replace it with a table-top model or opt for a relatively low suspension. You can also add a cozy rug that would almost make you want to work barefoot. Do not forget about plants to improve your concentration and well-being.

And that’s how you set up a practical and designer office in your living room! Whether it is for telecommuting a few days a week, for full-time or occasional use, this space will allow you to work in good conditions, harmonizing with the rest of your interior.

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