How to decorate a cozy and cocooning room?

Very gentle on colors and materials

The secret to a cocooning decor for a bedroom is to use soft colors with soothing tones, especially blue and green, which encourage rest. You can opt for a light atmosphere with pale gray, beiges, off-white. Stronger colors will give a more intimate cocooning room: pine green, petroleum blue, anthracite gray or ocher and terracotta.

You can also bet on a single color declined in monochrome, from the lightest to the darkest, by using the bed linen and the furniture. This monochrome atmosphere naturally invites cocooning in the decoration of your room, with an atmosphere full of softness and serenity.

These colors will also be found in natural materials such as rattan, wood, linen or cotton which are the best allies for your cozy bedroom. On the furniture side, we pick in the Scandinavian style, its light wood and pastel shades, but we can also look in the more rustic or even exotic furniture.

A soft enveloping bed

To furnish a cocooning room, we start by choosing a cozy and cozy bed. We prefer solid wood, stained or raw, or rattan. We add a headboard with round and enveloping shapes. In wicker, wood with very trendy or quilted cane, it will delimit the sleeping area of your bedroom gently.

The must of cocooning deco for a bedroom is the canopy. With its aerial curtains and drapes, it will create a real cocoon around your bed, for example in a child’s or teenager’s room.

To complete the cocooning bed, we do not skimp on the bed linen, with a very soft duvet. It is embellished with a linen or cotton cover in sandy tones full of softness. We can multiply the pillows by playing on the formats and pillowcases. In a parental suite or an adult bedroom, we can accumulate different fabrics. This layering of layers creates a very cozy atmosphere full of warmth.

A cocooning and warm deco

Accumulation is the leitmotif of a successful cozy decor. In the bedroom, we do not hesitate to add on the bed several cushions of different materials: knitted wool, velvet, faux fur … We can also put on the duvet one or two throws, an extra cozy blanket or a bedspread. in velvet or in boutis.

On the ground, the atmosphere is still warmed with rugs. You can put two down the bed or opt for a larger size that you slide under the bed. At the end of the bed, you can add a small wooden bench or a quilted velvet chest. One or two comfortable armchairs can also complement the furnishings, if the space of your cozy room allows it. And why not add a small dressing table that will bring a touch of charming softness?

We do not forget the light, an essential component of the cocooning decor of a room. To vary the brightness, we alternate lampposts, bedside lamps and suspension. In terms of materials, we stay natural with wood, wicker, cane, bamboo. We favor led bulbs at hot temperature, which will give a more intimate atmosphere.

Accumulation is not messy: to keep the serene atmosphere of your cozy bedroom, you can use baskets and storage boxes made of natural materials. You can create a very cozy teen or adult bedroom in which you will feel good. Green plants also have their place in the cocooning room: they are placed in basketwork planters by varying the species and volumes. Plants have soothing virtues that are quite appropriate in a cozy room.

The bedroom is in essence the place dedicated to rest. With its natural materials, light shades and overlays, the cocooning decor is the key to a cozy, relaxing and soothing bedroom.

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