Create an interior decoration with lighting

How to choose the type of luminaire?

To find the perfect fixture for your room, you will need to consider your lighting needs. The bathroom will not need the same lighting as your kitchen or living room. Apart from style, to choose your lights, you also have to think about function.

In a living room, a designer chandelier ensures the overall brightness of the space, while accent lights can give a more intimate atmosphere. A pretty floor lamp with a stylish filament bulb will be perfect next to your favorite armchair. And if you are arty enough, consider spotlights to enhance your paintings and wall decorations. In the dining room, a designer suspension above the table will add a personal touch to your meals. It should not be installed too high, so as not to dazzle the guests, nor too low, to keep a certain luminosity.

For kitchen lights, make way for efficiency: no question of confusing cucumber and zucchini on the pretext that you can’t see anything! In addition to the suspension for general lighting, there are many wall sconces and localized spotlights to properly illuminate the worktop and the sink. We do not forget the hallway where the ceiling and wall lights guide our steps and can even serve as a light in the corner of a wall.

When getting ready, bathroom fixtures are especially important. We think of the bulbs diffusing a white light for the two wall lights on the mirror side and of the bulbs with a warmer light for the relaxation areas, such as the bathtub (the candles are our best friends there!). If spotlights are very practical in this room, nothing prevents you from choosing one or more decorative pendant lights to assert your style, while making sure to comply with safety standards!

How about the bedroom? We choose a suspension that is not too dazzling, for example with a warmer fabric lampshade, and a table lamp or a wall lamp as a bedside table. The new trend is to install very low suspensions here. You can also dare a light garland to add a cocooning decoration.

For each style of interior its light

A designer light with graphic lines will enhance a modern room. Aerial models, such as wired metal lamps for example, are particularly suitable for this kind of atmosphere. As for the Scandinavian decorative pendant lights in light wood, they are real must-haves in this style, as are the tripod floor lamps with flared legs.

Head to the seaside now, with lighting made of natural materials: wicker, rush, rattan, light wood and white cotton will breathe a sea air into your holiday home.

And if you are rather tempted by the exotic style, ethnic-inspired lighting will make your interior travel: pineapples, openwork metal and even exotic animals take possession of the lighting.

Vintage fans, we recommend retro lights with a wide variety of looks. Stained glass, a patterned lampshade, pop colors, copper: there are as many inspirations as there are decades of the 20th century.

We end in beauty with the classic lights with their sober and elegant colors. Glass, metal, crystal and noble fabrics give all their magic to beautiful residences.

Good to know: color temperature, a key element

When you refine your home decoration with lighting, you must also be interested in the color of the light that will be diffused by the LED bulbs. For a warm and cozy light prefer a model around 3,000 Kelvin. The 4,500 Kelvin bulbs offer a white and direct light.

What size light should you choose?

The dimensions of your lighting sources are very important for the success of your home decor with lighting. Too small, lamps and floor lamps will get lost in the middle of your decoration and will not provide adequate lighting. Too big, your luminaire will give your room a cramped character.

The situation becomes particularly delicate when you want to install a ceiling light. If you want your pendant light to illuminate your dining room table, choose a model with several bulbs to cover the table along its entire length. Your suspension can then be fixed at a height of 1.80 m for the lowest part. In all other configurations, it is preferable not to go below the height of 2 meters.

How to choose a decorative light for your living room?

A major living room in your home, the living room is where the combination of lighting and interior decoration takes on its full meaning. It is indeed necessary to multiply the sources of lighting there while ensuring a perfect coherence between the chosen luminaires and your style. For the lighting decoration of the living room, the table lamps will allow you to create a tailor-made atmosphere. A lighting point on each side of the sofa seems essential to us, but do not hesitate to place a few small lamps on your furniture to be able to play between these different elements and illuminate your interior as you see fit.

If you have installed a desk area or a reading area with a comfortable armchair, then a floor lamp will allow you to provide a light source intended just for this place. Choose a lamp with a higher intensity than the other lights in the room to read or write comfortably. Also think about garlands and light decorations that will give relief to your lighting. And the suspension in all this? It will not be sufficient on its own, but will allow you to modulate the intensity of the light a little better.

Choosing the right luminaire for an atmosphere and a style corresponding to your tastes requires a few good reflexes. Lamps, sconces, floor lamps, suspensions or garlands: it is best to multiply the sources of lighting. The lines of your lights will help you perfect the decorative atmosphere of your room, but don’t forget the functional aspect to enjoy a practical and comfortable interior. And don’t forget to recycle your light bulbs!

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